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    Show Dates: April 9-30, 2014
    Artist Reception: Thursday, April 17, 6 -7:30 pm

    Shauna Pickering's work has been described as original, sophisticated, powerful and honest. Her feelings are evident in her pieces, which reflect her complex emotions and the various events in her life. She flings herself into her ethereal canvases, and in doing so, captures the many phases and levels of intensity. Her pieces are a rare blend of true emotion: love, life, heartbreak and death. The paint, through its many colors and varying textures, captures her imagery and style, allowing the physical process of applying the acrylic to become essential to the image she creates. In her recent works, she deliberately paints in an expressive manner, allowing the dramatic brushstrokes to resist expectation and challenge convention. The artist's vibrant application of color conveys her emotions, often said to be akin to wearing her heart on her canvas. The ensuing playful, yet intense energy invites the viewer to come close, explore and emotionally engage in the canvas's lively surface. Ms. Pickering earned a Bachelors of Architecture at Tulane University as well as a Masters in Business from Pepperdine University. Her formal training in architecture enables her to render images in a descriptive style. She resides in Rowayton, Connecticut with her husband, Erik and four children. Her work is found in many private collections.

    Web site: www.shaunapickering.com

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