Dana Beringer

is a local artist in Darien, CT. She has exhibited her work both in the states and abroad. A large percentage of the proceeds from the sale of her artwork to date has benefitted local organizations including The Myles M Beringer Foundation.


Dana Beringer’s concept of art points to an expression of the awareness and intention of conveying a creative process  to the viewer and opening a visual dialogue. When asked about her art she alludes to the connection between artist and viewer which converges  on the common ground of the suspended canvas  She maintains that the viewer brings to the painting their own unique interpretation and this enriches any preconceptions be it a title or some recognizable imagery in the piece. These current works draw us into a serene purposeful place  yet there are indications in the compositions of intended conflict and in some pieces chaos. She has used a bold palette depicting parcels of land and water. The technique of building upon layers with muted color adds texture and depth.



October 20 - November 30, 2022

Artist Reception Thursday November 3, 6-8pm





















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